Traisenpark - St. Poelten

7 Years of Shopping and Recreation

Expectations from the Old Days 
which became Reality

translated text parts of Architektur Aktuell 156

In the Beginning

It took only one and a half years (23th April 1991 until 29th October 1992) to finish the project "Traisenpark Shopping,- Leisure- and Leasing Company" in its first step.

Even though the technical conditions were less than ideal: The statical quality of the soil was not satisfying, 1000 gravel poles had to be driven into the ground in order to improve the basis. Only after that necessity the high rise construction could be launched.

But this misfortune was balanced out by the good environmental conditions which promised optimal traffic- links and interactions with the surroundings.


Situation Traffic Landscape Design

Orientated to the Adolf- Schärf- Straße, which finds its way to the Traisenbridge, an optimal fusing with the individual- traffic is provided. The same can be said regarding the public traffic: nearby bus stations and the local train create a well accessible centre. This is significant for the future when a new centre shall grow in the suburban area of St. Pölten.

For the project- management of the LB-Bauconsult these features were basically necessary to make this idea reality. The new centre will reach consumers beyond the city frontiers of St. Pölten and supply about 350.000 people who take up to 45 minutes of travelling time in account to consume a fine combination of shopping and recreation.


Leisure Sports Shopping

The arrangement offers various possibilities for leisure and sports and will be extended by the neighbouring city park.
Special attractions bears the Ice- Skating Hall, giving place for 1000 seats, presenting more than just the skating place: It can be used for different kinds of sports and inhabits the first Austrian free financed climbing wall - the largest of the Mediterranean countryside.

Like all the other leisure facilities - the health centre, the fitness park and gastronomic treasures - the skating range is directly linked to the Shopping Mall.


Mall Design
Regarding the size and design of the Shopping Mall, Arch DI Wolfgang, general planer of "Traisenpark", refers to the historical grown shopping zone of the old inner city of St. Pölten:
Diverges and fusions, extensions and spreadings within the interior area live up the atmosphere of traditional places and alleys of Austria and transform into a new ambient save from weathering but lighted by the sun. The glazing lets sky´s blue character flow into inner part of shopping activity. The colourful scenarios of the different shops and trading are continued into the higher floors. These two niveaus of vivid life can flourish in natural air that flows through the large airing and cooling windows of the Shopping Mall. Normally such high quality air conditions can only be found in open street passages.


But not only in these aspects ecological thinking was stressed. Together with experts the architect and project-management team developed optimal ecological solutions for the removal of rubbish. Especially in Shopping Centers rubbish and waste flood each day containers and take in large volumes of space. Here planning regarding the environment can be very effective.

The same can be said of the precious recourse element water: In "Traisenpark" precipitation is collected and used for needs that do not require high quality water.


Accents in Environment

These arrangements of new infrastructures are welcomed by the town quarter Viehofen of St. Poelten as they deliver them not only an in the arrangement included policestation but also enrich the landscape design by setting new accents of orientation: The red, 31 m high office tower points out a new emphasis in the skyline which was once a shallow relief.

Landscape design is not limited to the tower: The sharp edge of the shopping main entrance turns itself into the Adolf-Schärf-Straße, its aerodynamic flow of curves guides the consumer into the fascinating shopping interior landscape.


Parking Deck

In total about 5000 m² are offered for hiring, presenting flexible space solutions for different purposes in six ground levels.

Therefore the parking deck situated along the Adolf- Schärf- Straße, offers place for about 820 vehicles.

Its architecture presents a special tension between light and heavy materials where sensual and abstract optics harmonise and vivid colours and calm tones talk to the senses - Playing with the appearance of strong columns and thin ceilings as an dialectic balance. Appealing to the consciousness of its visitor finding himself in a creative atmosphere. These fine impressions are funded on special and functional details in the construction.

The parking deck connects to the 17000m² of shopping area, delivering easy access to the important parts of "Traisenpark". Thanks to foreseeable and economical planning no level or part of the parking deck seems to be abandoned by the vivid flow of life.