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study of trends and hallstructures, tortilla hall proposal

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New kinds of sport


The OISS asked UBP & BRUMI ARCHITECTS for a study on trendsport halls.

New kinds of sport are trendy. The ones who perform them are the kids, the young generation which does not from sportclubs but reacts spontaneously on new forms of sport.

These trends have mostly their origin in the US. Kids know what` s "in" and take care to use the rights labels in clothing and equipment.



Trends in Austria


The so called "trendsports" are basically the new streetsports and distinguish themselves from the classic kinds of sport.

By developing a virtual trendsport hall we tried to build a guideline of necessary dimensions and equipment in this subject. The exterior practice of trendsports in Austria is due to the rough climate quite restricted.
This is surely different to the origin of trendsports like the sunny California.


Answers to the demand

Moreover villages introduce skateboard rinks in their area, because otherwise the kids would use public places, sidewalks or streets for their activities.
The ÖISS wants to give information how a functional trendsport hall can be organized so that the new sports find a place to be.


Tortilla Hall
is the cool facility for kids, schools and hobby teams. Sports, Events and Music. Multifunctional, flexible and expandable. Design - Power TORTILLA – Hall a label of sports architecture

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